Carol Clarke Worship Ministry is established to primarily develop Christian Education and Training programmes to bring empowerment, motivation, deliverance and to equip the body of Christ.  The aim is for Christian customised courses and discipleship programmes to be recognised by National Examination Boards such as Northern Council For Education (NCFE).  


Our courses range from Level 1 and are accredited by (NCFE). Our accredited Christian courses include Worship Ministry and The Disciplines of Prayer.  We also develop courses in any Christian Discipline and our work ranges from developing Christian courses and materials for Pastors, Ministers, Leaders and Business Organisations in UK, Cayman Islands, USA, Australia, Colombia and Lithuania, 


Our courses and materials are designed to meet your organisational needs or for your church discipleship and leadership programme.  Our courses include:

  • Spiritual Health

  • Praying Advocates

  • Addiction

  • Destiny is calling

  • Christian Parents and Teenagers

  • Who is Jesus?

  • Christian Salvation

  • The Day of Pentecost

  • And much more


We also write sermons and articles for your speaking engagement or for any event or topic. 


We are available to deliver training, seminars, weekend retreats and workshops for any event.


You can book Carol Clarke Worship Ministry or send us an email to request further information.









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