Carol Clarke has a heart and passion for prayer and has helped people around the world by showing them how to pray from the Word of God. “There is something supernatural when we begin to pray the scriptures” (Carol Clarke, 2020).'100 Powerful Prayers: in the Presence of God' will help to unlock the power of prayer for every reader and is a must-have book, filled with heartfelt scriptural prayers. It is a book written to address everyday life situations, within modern day society.Prayers included in this book:

  • A prayer about Blessings
  • A prayer about Mental Illness
  • A prayer about Debt
  • A prayer about Break-through
  • A prayer about Salvation
  • A Prayer about Emotional Stability
  • A Prayer about Healing
  • A prayer about Forgiveness of Sins
  • and much more…

100 Powerful Prayers: In the Presence of God (PAPER BACK)

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